SEO Pricing

 SEO Price Quotes

All SEO enquiries are greeted with a free basic SEO analysis and price quote. Several of your site’s on-page and off-page SEO factors will be evaluated in order to give you a quote for the SEO package that best suits you.

Price: Free

Hourly Rates For All SEO work

This includes:

  • Complete physical website analysis
  • Analysis of off-page factors influencing your site
  • Keyword, backlink, competition and site traffic research/reports *
  • SEO Copywriting
  • HTML, CSS, PHP, and all other Coding


* All reports are offered in your choice of .pdf or .csv formats.

SEO Consultations


Should you decide on having your current web developer perform the necessary adjustments to your site, an hour is usually enough consultation time to cover all the aspects of what SEO work needs to be done on any given site. 36 hours notice is required prior to the day of the consultation, giving us the time for a full on-page and off-page site analysis and generation of all reports. Consultations may be done over the phone, or in person at our central downtown business location.

What do you get? Complete and detailed instructions for all work that your web developer is qualified to take on. Including:

  • A complete SEO analysis and all recommended changes to your site’s architecture, including content, coding, file structure, as well as search engine optimization recommendations and best practices
  • A list of your site’s hidden SEO pitfalls or roadblocks, and the corrective measures needed to eliminate them
  • Keyword research analysis and report
  • Traffic stats analysis and report
  • Search engine ranking analysis and report
  • Backlink analysis and Report

$350.00/hour **

** Clients that sign on for any of our standard SEO packages will have the consultation fee lowered to $175.00/hour

If your web developer feels that any of the work recommended is outside of his level of expertise, we highly recommend not taking shortcuts, and relying on our experience in taking care of the more specialized work. If it is within your budget, consider having your developer take care of a portion of our recommendations, and let us worry about the crucial details.

A maximum a 3 people may attend the one-on-one SEO consultation, allowing for your business partner(s) or your qualified technical help to attend. An extra fee will be charged for each additional person, and hourly group workshops are available for 7 attendees or more. Please see our SEO Pricing Table for details on group SEO consultation rates.

If you prefer to break your consultation into shorter time allotments, we offer SEO phone consultations in 30 minute increments, with the minimum 1 hour consultation fee payable in advance.

SEO Packages

The package suitable for your site will depend on the strength of your site, as well as your online competition. The prices listed for all SEO packages are approximate, and may vary widely in both directions, depending on the size and search engine readiness of your site. All SEO package pricing are based on estimated hourly SEO rates, however all price quotes are final – no hidden surprises. Call now for a free site evaluation and quote.

SEO Basics Package

  • Complete on-page and off-page website analysis
  • Keyword research/strategizing & report
  • Competition ranking-analysis/market-research & report
  • Pre-optimization indexing reports for Google, Yahoo, and Live Search (MSN)
  • Pre-optimization site traffic report
  • 60 minutes of SEO copywriting telephone consults tailored to your site’s requirements (Best divided into 3 or 4 calls)
  • Mandatory search engine friendly corrections to HTML, including menu navigations, page titles, headings and other crucial semantic adjustments
  • SEO roadblock analysis and corrections
  • 4-6 week post-optimization followup reports including 30 min consultation (Telephone or office)

Pricing: $1000.00 – $3200.00

SEO Intermediate Package

  • SEO Basics Package, plus:
  • Linking Campaigns
  • W3C web standard markup

Pricing: $3200.00 – $6000.00

SEO Domination Package

  • SEO Intermediate Package, plus:
  • Social Media Optimization Strategy and implementation

Pricing: $6000.00 – $20,000.00+


Hourly SEO Rates
All on-page & off-page SEO, including analysis, research, coding and report generation $40.00/hour
SEO Consultations *
SEO Package customers $175.00/hour
Consultation only $350.00/hour
SEO Packages **
SEO Basics Package $1000.00 – $3200.00
SEO Intermediate Package $3200.00 – $6000.00
SEO Domination Package