SEO Cost vs. Return on Investment

When considering the cost of SEO, remember that it is a well known fact in business that to make money, you must spend capital. Comparing the cost of search engine optimization to your current budget, it will pay massive dividends to remember one very simple point; your current budget is based primarily on the present state of your business’s revenue. The percentage of revenue generated from online leads is enough to either make or break a business in today’s market. If you aren’t on first page of the SERPs for your company’s most lucrative keyphrases, then without a doubt you are still missing out on your share of their market. Once you are generating the sales you should be from online searches, the costs of SEO will seem negligible.

Over the next few years as a greater percentage of the mainstream marketing community becomes aware of the huge profit margin obtainable through SEO the number of optimized sites will grow exponentially. As competition grows in intensity the initial investment to optimize your site will be substantially higher. The longer your site is search engine friendly, the more trust and strength is accumulated with Google and other search engines. Many businesses are unaware of this present window of opportunity, and will look back with regret at the incredible opportunity they missed at easily capturing such a wide segment of the market in the halcyon initial days of internet marketing. The time is now, the heyday is now.

Don’t be stuck relying on traffic to your site from business cards, ‘word of mouth’ or the continually increasing expenses of internet advertising. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies such as Pay Per Click (PPC) can be useful, albeit to a limited degree. However, it is a well known fact that there is no greater Return on Investment, than that achieved by natural search engine results.

With a search engine friendly online presence, companies can reach a broad, targeted audience for a small fraction of traditional advertising budgets