Keyword Research

We’ll research which keywords are used most often by people on the world wide web to find the products or services that you offer. Once we know the most common search terms relating to your business, we can focus on organizing the content of your site using both highly competitive and niche key words.

The cornerstone of your business’ online marketing campaign involves researching your most relevant keywords and keyphrases in order to drive the highest amount of targeted traffic to your website from online searches. ¬†Keyword research more often than not reveals surprising data relating to the most searched keyphrases pertinent to the goods or services that your company offers.

A keyword tool for every occasion

There are many keyword research applications available online, some completely free, while others require payment for the fully functional versions. The results that the various data mining tools offer differ, often times widely, depending on the sources of their acquired monthly data. A deeper understanding of these sources of data is key to interpreting the multitude of results from using these specialized tools. A combination is best used to unearth a diversity of search statistics.

While some keyword research applications offer detailed monthly search figures, others are better suited for delivering the numbers of searches for terms in specific international locations, order of words in specific search queries, single or plural versions, as well as results dedicated to specific search engines only. One tool in particular exposes search terms from a small selection of meta search engines, as well as multiple other sources, which when combined represent only a miniscule percentage of total searches – yet the diverse nature of the data sources offers important information on the ratio of certain keyword searches compared to other related terms.


Conquering Keyword Tools Through Experience

We have years of experience using, and equally as important, understanding the diverse nature of data sources and results from tools such as Overture, Keyword Discovery, Wordtracker, Nichebot, Google AdWords Keyword Tool and others, for local, national, and international marketing strategies in a wide variety of business sectors. This experience gives our team a solid foundation for taking the next step toward the success of your long term internet presence; organizing and writing the content of your site (also known as SEO Copywriting).